In case you would like to purchase a motorbike we don’t have on stock, we will be glad to order it for you. When ordering, you can select which type, generation, equipment or even color you would like. We recommend you this kind of purchasing, as it is highly predictable. You will know when you get to ride your brand new bike, and we know when to expect the full price of the bike. This way we have a smaller price spread as we do not have to include the price of ads, and we have to mobilize less of our own as we get down payment from our customers.

So this is how it works: 

Please fill out the form below in which you designate what kind of model you would like and for what price. We will calculate with that price to see what options you have, and send you our offers so that you can select the one most favorable for you. When this is done, we only have a contract to write and the bike will be on its way.



Hereby we agree on the price of the motor, its technical conditions and the conditions of delivering. In case the motorbike is damaged in a way that should not result in the process of shipping, we will return to you the whole sum of your down payment. We will also agree on what is icluded in the technical conditions, as there are people who only need a block or a carcass to construct, and ones who want a perfect motorbike. There are, of course, even more people between these two categories. As down payment we usually ask for 40% of the motorbike’s price. After the motor has arrived, you get to check it and if you find any bruises about which we haven’t notified you beforehand, you will get the whole deposit back. If you find everything all right, you will be asked to pay the next 40%. We will take care of launching your motorbike and fixing it when needed. The last 20% of the price is to be paid when we hand you your motorbike.

Of course this is only an example since every order is customized. There are a lot of factors influencing the price. E.g.: credit, one year guarantee, an old motorbike to include. Some won’t have the necessary first 40% ready and some will have the whole price. These factors, naturally, all count.

Tradespeople or those possessing another motorbike will get a discount.

Check out the credit table for orientation! >>>

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