We have been riding our bikes for a while, and as years went by, biking gradually became our true passion. We are very lucky to work on the field that is also our hobby. Riding a motorbike is meditation, adventure, challenge, danger and last but not least, a feeling uncomparable to anything else. We would like to share this experience with as many people as possible.

Our company, founded in 2003, imports bikes mainly from the US, containing brand new bikes, hardly used ones and ones to be constructed. The speed of our loan management, and the fact that we can include your used bike will make your choice much easier. In the biggest used bike company of Eastern Hungary, our assistants will be glad to help you not only with our own motorbikes, but also sales on commission. Please check out our actual store.

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Our bike-park can be found on the Mikepércsi street 92. in Debrecen. If you would like to see our map, click here! You can check out our images below.

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Our new designed website has been launched. Please feel free to contact us, in any case you are interested in.

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